Finding your perfect wedding venue is the first step that starts off your wedding planning, it is also where a good chunk of your overall wedding budget goes. Once you’ve booked your wedding venue, everything else can start. Finding your perfect wedding venue though can be a rather daunting task as there are too many choices which can add to your confusion.

This guide will help to cut out the fluff and help you to zero in on the exact questions to ask so you are fully armed with the right details before you put down a deposit. I’d go as far as saying, don’t book your wedding venue without going through this useful guide first!

How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Venue – Questions you wouldn’t think to ask

how to find your perfect wedding venue, wedding planning resources surrey

As your big day approaches, you’re probably worried about the various things you’re likely to forget on your day. Reduce your stress levels, breathe a little bit easier and download this handy checklist:

Your Wedding Day Checklist – a useful resource of things to remember on your big day.

Your Wedding Day Checklist, Wedding Planning Resources Surrey

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Wedding Planning can be overwhelming especially when faced with far too many choices. Not knowing where to start or having a clear idea where to start from in your planning can cause you to bury your head in the clouds sometimes. Beat the overwhelm and Get your Copy of

5 Effective Ways to Kickstart Your Wedding Planning; A Guide for busy Professionals

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Seasonal Inspiration for your Big Day

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Wedding Planning Resources Surrey to help with your wedding plans.