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Wedding Fairs Survival Guide – 7 Top Tips

Wedding fairs season is upon us. The period where you start to look for inspiration to plan your big day especially if you just recently got engaged (ooo…do I sense a Valentine’s Day proposal?!)

I know you’re busy juggling work and other commitments but if you’re anything like me, sometimes you need some inspiration to get your wedding plans into gear or maybe you’re just a tad curious and want to carve out time to go and see the trends that are out there. Whatever your reasons, there are different types of wedding fairs to cater to your needs.

From wedding showcases at high-end exclusive venues to show-stopping national shows in large exhibition centres to small village fetes and fairs in venues local to you, ideas and inspiration abound. They are a great way to see what’s on trend and how you can incorporate that into your big day.

Whilst attending wedding fairs may sound like fun (and it is for the most part). It is also a lot of hard work, as you go through each stand looking for that perfect inspiration that catches your eye. Fairs can be a bit overwhelming too because you get to see tons of incredible inspiration, that it’s easy to lose sight of why you are there in the first place.

Here are my top 7 survival tips when attending wedding fairs.

Go with a clear purpose in mind 

Why are you attending the fair? Is it to find inspiration, meet suppliers, book suppliers, see trends, get some ideas etc? All of the above? Having a clear purpose will ensure you achieve your aim when you get there.

Be prepared 

Like I said earlier, many different types of wedding fairs abound. Fairs like a Most Curious Affair, the Quintessentially Atelier or Brides the Show, usually have their exhibitors listed on their websites. So check them out in advance and make a note of the ones you would like to see and whose stand you would like to visit, ahead of time.

Wear comfortable shoes 

I do not recommend wearing high heels to fairs (unless of course, you have mastered the art of wearing 4-inch heels for long hours on end! I haven’t!) There is a lot of walking and standing involved when attending wedding fairs. Wear comfortable shoes with good ankle support that you can walk around and stand in for long periods. This is absolutely essential for surviving wedding fairs!

Make provisions for where you’ll leave your personal effects 

Decide ahead of time where you will leave your personal effects, bags, coats etc. Will you carry them around with you or put them in the cloakroom at the venue? Some fairs have cloakrooms, others don’t. So either walk with an extra bag or a handy backpack especially if you’ve got layers on and need to take off a few as the fair progresses. Remember to make room in your bag for all the content and paraphernalia you will amass at the fair.

Leave your hands free

Leave your hands free to pick up or feel things as you go through the fairs. Sometimes, you’re given a drink or a glass of champagne on arrival at a wedding fair and this keeps your hands occupied. Which in turn means that you’re not able to take a picture of that gorgeous floral arrangement or that decadent buttercream cake you just spotted. as your hands were otherwise occupied.

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Go with your Planner.

Two heads are better than one says the famous quote so in addition to attending with your fiancé, go with your wedding planner. The one who is helping you to plan your big day. He/she will be able to help you visualise an idea for how things can be adapted to your wedding or steer you in the direction that complements your budget and style

Have fun!

Have fun with it! Be friendly and polite with the suppliers you meet. If you don’t see something that resonates with you say a polite thank you and move on to the next. If a stand resonates with you then, stop and speak to the stand owners (you don’t have to buy anything), they will welcome the conversation and you might learn some helpful tips just by that conversation (so don’t underestimate it!)

There you have it. My top tips for tackling wedding fairs. I hope these are useful for you when you go. If you need help firming up your ideas and determining your wedding style before attending a fair then Get in touch here, I’d be happy to help.

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