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Unique Hen Party Ideas

Hen Parties as they are popularly called in the UK are great ways to celebrate your last days as a singleton with your best friends before tying the knot. And, in this day and age when we all crave more experiential experiences, unique hen party ideas are just the ticket.


Moving away from the typical late night parties and drunken orgies that hen parties are fast becoming, I have rounded up some great and unique hen party ideas that are perfect for bonding and spending quality time with your close friends. The best part about these ideas is that you can totally tailor them to you, what you want and what works for you and your friends.


So, grab some strawberries and cava and head out to experience some fun and intimate moments with your friends with these unique hen party ideas!


unique hen party ideas cookie decorating classClaire Graham Photography


Cookie Decorating Class


I attended a cookie decorating class run by Didi’s Cookies and I thoroughly enjoyed it! We started with an introduction on how to mix the fondant paste used to pipe the biscuits and get it to the right consistency, this would cause it to stick to the cookies once piped (there was also another technique with the fondant paste for drawing and writing on them which we didn’t really get into) and then progressed on to piping and decorating our first set of cookies. We piped pre-made fondant paste onto the biscuit base in white, pink and green – perfect colours for spring.


I found the whole experience very calming and therapeutic, a great bonding activity for you and your friends, if you ask me. I came away with some gorgeous designs too. The only downside was that I couldn’t eat the cookies in the end because they were just so pretty to look at! Time well spent I would say and I thoroughly recommend it.


calligraphy workshop at the boutique

Julie Michaelsen Photography


Calligraphy Class


I love calligraphy! Personally, it is my writing of choice when it comes to wedding stationery however, I have a newfound respect and praise for calligraphers. I took a calligraphy class once and I totally loved it but writing out the scripts and letters was no mean feat! I managed to do a few but can’t tell you that I got all my letters right.


I still have to work on my up and down strokes but it was really good fun and a totally enjoyable experience. It’s a great way to learn a new skill (you could impress your wedding guests with your calligraphy skills by writing out your escort cards if you’re feeling brave enough of course and have the time to.) This will be a good one for you and your girls if you like paper and making things look pretty on paper.


unique hen party ideas floral crown makingJulie Michaelsen Photography


Floral Crown Making


You and your girls could bond over making some floral crowns. Another great hen party idea that you and your friends could take on. I attended one a while ago run by the Bridal Co-Op that I found quite therapeutic and an outlet to let off some creative steam. I started off with a long wire rope (to fit the size of my head) and adorned them with different flowers to fit the style and look I wanted.


We used silk flowers (provided by Liz from blue sky flowers) as opposed to natural flowers to make it easier for us to carry home afterward. Silk flowers are a great alternative especially if you plan on heading somewhere else after the session so the floral crown retains its shape and doesn’t wilt (which is great on a practical level).


You can use natural flowers for your crown too just be mindful that the lifespan will be limited. It is a great exercise to do and I think you and your girls would love getting stuck into this one.


tea party setJulie Michaelsen Photography


Tea Party


Have a tea party instead and let your guests bring along some baked goodies or hire a company to cater to you (Mrs. Jones tea hire is a good one). Tea parties are a great way to relax, mingle, talk and have fun with your friends in very intimate surroundings.


Add a theme to it. Vintage inspired is always a good one or insist that everyone attends with a polka dot scarf and a sea captain’s hat as part of their ensemble just to add a bit of fun to the occasion!


make some jewellery with your friends as part of unique hen party ideasImage via Pinterest


Jewellery Making


This is one where you really get to have fun and get all girly with your girls. You can make presents for each other and play with different designs. You could attend a bespoke class or set it up at home whichever option works best for you. I must say though, you need to have lots of patience for this one and ensure that your nails are a reasonable length.


You have to get all your beads onto the string following the pattern that you create and attach a clasp at the end which makes this quite a fiddly affair. I have tried it out a few times whilst making some jewellery.


On one occasion, I made a really lovely beaded bracelet only to get to the end and did not knot it properly (my nails were long nails at the time) and the whole thing spilled to the floor! You can’t begin to imagine my disappointment so, be warned and go prepared!


mix some sweet smelling fragrance as part of your unique en party ideasImage via Pinterest


Fragrance Mixing


Take in the intoxicating scents and smells of a fragrance mixing class. Get lost in sweet smells that agree with your body chemistry and leave you floating on cloud 9. Take your girls on a mixing spree and mix your very own signature scent that will be perfect for your big day. There are different class options to choose from so why not get your girls on board and make it a day to remember?


There you have it, unique hen party ideas that will get you and your party talking, bonding and having a different experience in a bespoke and intimate setting. If you have other ideas, we have not explored here, please feel free to share them below.


Need help with planning your big day? I’m a wedding planner with lots of ideas on how to make your wedding day memorable and special. Get in touch and let’s discuss how I can help you.


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