Style Matters

So exciting…, you’re engaged. Congratulations! Now, you can look forward to planning a super wedding and spending the rest of your life with your amazing man.

It is probably still early days for you to think about the style of wedding you want or, if you’re anything like me, you already have a pretty good idea from way back when.


There are loads of inspiration on Pinterest and the Coupled App, from the weird and wacky to the elegant and sophisticated, right up to the lavish and opulent!, so many ideas to choose from and so easy to get carried away, right?! I know! Sometimes knowing where to start is the hardest thing.

But, before you get too carried away, first decide on the style of wedding you want, with your intended, before letting loose on your hunt for inspiration! (it’s a good way to get him involved in the wedding planning process too) Do you want a Gatsby themed affair or a casual intimate wedding with close friends and family? In London or out in the countryside? The questions below will help to focus the (excited) minds.


  • What type of wedding do you want? i.e. a formal affair?, a traditional one?, semi-formal, intimate, casual, cultural, vintage, rustic etc?
  • What problems have your friends / family members encountered during their own wedding planning?
  • What have you not liked about past weddings you’ve attended? What did you like?
  • What is your budget for the whole wedding?
  • What part of the celebration means the most to you, both individually and as a couple? i.e. the ceremony, reception, cake, speeches, honeymoon etc.
  • Will you have a religious or civil ceremony? Home or away?


Answers to these, will give you guys a pretty good idea of the style of wedding you want and that will help you to zero in on specifics when searching through directories, saving you time (of course I’m always here to help too!)

What wedding style did you both decide to go for in the end? Drop me a line and let me know!

Pics via Pinterest

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