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What is Your Wedding Style?

Someone once said that style is who you are without speaking and in some ways, I agree with that sentiment. Your wedding style is an important aspect as you start to plan your big day. Lots of inspiration abound that may be overwhelming for you unless you determine your wedding style upfront.

As individuals and as people, we all have a sense of style, each unique to every one of us. It’s only natural that when planning one of the biggest days of your life, that your personal style is reflected in your day given that it is a major part of who you both are as people.

Besides, it is one of the best ways of making your day all about you. It adds that sense of intimacy and brings it full circle for your guests because they can see you through the personal touches and maybe think to themselves ‘ah…that is so you’!

Equally, It’s important to determine your wedding style earlier on in the wedding planning process as that informs the type of wedding you want to have, your wedding budget, spending priorities and the all important wedding venue.

I once wrote a piece on how to determine your own wedding style a while ago and today, I’m going further to explore some of the different wedding styles out there so you can start to get a sense of what each entails. It is a good guide to help you see which of the styles resonate with you which will then help you to carve out your own style.

Some of the different wedding styles are:


The clue is in the name. Less is more is an apt description for this style. No frills. Keep to the essentials particularly with your decor. You may choose to have a simple sheath dress with a small fascinator instead of a hat or a veil and have single strands of flowers in single vases instead of clusters.

You could have pot roasts and buffets as opposed to the traditional formal wedding breakfast or formal table setting with minimal stripped-down styling. Dry hire or blank canvas wedding venues like studios or museums would be ideal venue choice for this style. With a minimalist wedding style, the focus is more on celebrating your values and keeping you center stage.

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This wedding style lends itself to nature (Pantone color of greenery is a great match for this style). It epitomises a carefree and adventurous nature with a bit of an artistic flair thrown in. Often linked to those with literary pursuits (for that escape from the every day, I guess). For this style of wedding, you would lean more towards getting married on the great outdoors, surrounded by nature. Venue choices like the grounds of a private estate, botanical gardens, farm or a vineyard are great options.

Local produce and locally sourced foods would be a great addition to your wedding breakfast as it complements the nature theme. Flower crowns for the hair and wild and perfectly imperfect floral bouquets and arrangements are great additions that help to bring this style to life. The boho theme is great for you if you enjoy natural pursuits, communing with nature and generally enjoy the great outdoors.

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Image 1 | via | Image 2 | Emily and Steve Photography | Image 3 | Boho Rustic Setting via Pinterest | Image 4 | En Route Photography via | Image 5 | via | Image 6 | KIWO Estudio Photography via Bloglovin’


Think ethereal, angelic, a feeling of gliding through clouds or a mystical wonderland. (If you’ve seen Tyler Perry’s Family Reunion movie – particularly the last segment – you’d understand the core of this theme).

Dreamy, floaty, candlelight and natural elements characterise this theme. Soft, serene and calm (classical) music with an even steady flow keeps your guest entertained but not overpowering and provides that feeling of wonderment. Candlelight compliments this theme well and adds that ethereal, romantic glow to your reception.

Muted pastels, with sparkly accents (think blush pink and sequinned gold) for your decor, soft, floaty fabrics like tulle, organza, lace and voile for your dress, full dripping bouquets will all add that whimsical, floaty feel to your day. Definitely a must for die-hard romantics and fairytale princesses.

Venue options could range from tipis to marquees and ballrooms. The emphasis is not so much on the decor elements but in the feeling the overall decor effect evokes for the guests; that sense of wonder and being transported to a magical, mystical place. The key is in nailing the decor to evoke that whimsical feeling for you and your guests.

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Image 1 | | Image 2 | Faye Cahill Cake Design | Image 3 | Photography by via Elizabeth Anne Designs | Image 4 | Blush Photography via MODwedding | Image 5 | Lauren Fair Photography via Style Me Pretty | Image 6 | Roberta Facchini Photography, Amie Bone Flowers via Wedding Ideas

Elegant / Classic

This wedding style lends itself to the formal side. Soft, regal, romantic, understated, candlelit and traditional are some of the words that come to mind when you consider this style. You’d probably look to get married in a ballroom, banqueting suite or a country estate. You want to evoke the feeling of edgy sophistication in a subtle and understated way. Floor length gowns with hints of sparkle, flowers and candlelight and formal place settings characterise this style.

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Image 1 | Holly Clark Photography at Banqueting House via Bloved blog | Image 2 | Olivia Leigh Photography | Image 3 | Blu by Madeline Gardner | Image 4 | Greg Finck Photography via Style Me Pretty | Image 5 | Rosa Clara Collection via Belle Magazine

Next week, we will continue with this and look at more styles for your big day in part 2 of our wedding style segment. I provide design consultations as part of my bespoke partial wedding planning service so, if you need help to put your ideas together and come up with a style that is uniquely you, then get in touch here. I’d love to help.

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