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Budgeting for unexpected Wedding expenses

Your wedding budget is sorted out, right? Good. Now that you have done your budgeting, the last thing you want is to have unexpected expenses creeping out of the woodworks to bite you in the bum during your wedding planning. Unexpected expenses are always going to arise as you plan but preparing for them is key to ensuring that they don’t at least catch you off guard.

Some of the often overlooked and uncounted for expenses which you will need to include when budgeting for your wedding are:

Budgeting for the unexpected at your wedding as seen on Alegrar Events. Amendments to Wedding stationery is one of such things to budget for

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  • Postage for your invitations, save the dates and RSVPs
  • Cost of extra invites and place cards (due to errors and amendments)
  • Remember to account for calligraphy costs, if you’re having your postage envelopes, handwritten.
  • Extra tables and food for uninvited guests you can’t turn away.
  • Additional rooms for guests (not accounted for originally)
  • Framing of your pictures and portraits

Budgeting for the unexpected at your wedding as seen on Alegrar Events. Insect repellents is one of such things to budget for, for an outdoor summer weddingHomemade citronella candles for outdoor use | image via Pinterest

  • Cost of citronella candles to wade off insects and flies particularly for outdoor / marquee wedding in the summer.
  • Cost of brollies for your wedding party (I often say that British weather is one where you can have all four seasons in one day!)
  • Alteration fees for your gown and other bridal attire
  • Service charge for catering, service, food and drink
  • Suppliers overtime costs if your suppliers are having to work past their contracted hours

Budgeting for the unexpected at your wedding as seen on Alegrar Events. Wedding guest book is one of such things to budget for

  • Wedding guest book, cake knife, ring bearer pillow, petals (confetti) basket etc
  • Remember to include meals for your suppliers (they will be working all day with hardly any breaks in between and deserve to be fed!)
  • Additional, cost of ordering extras (e.g. flowers, dresses, accessories, jewellery etc.) if the initial orders didn’t turn out the way you want.

Build in a 10% contingency of your overall wedding budget, as a minimum, when budgeting for your wedding. Go higher if you can. Because, there are bound to be things that will creep up that we haven’t covered here which you will need to allocate some of your budget to.

I’m on hand to assist if you need some help in managing your wedding budget and ensuring that you stay on track. Check out my full planning or partial planning packages to see which suits you.

What other things do you think should be added to the list? Please share.

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