Destination Wedding Concierge

Getting married abroad?

Getting married abroad but don’t have the time to do the go-between between you and your suppliers?

Juggling work and planning a wedding abroad can be a handful.

You struggle to find the time to go out there and find the right venue or check that the images of the ones you see online will be the right fit and give you and your guests the experience your looking for) With your demanding schedule, it can be difficult to juggle the two and give them the undivided attention to detail they need to see your big day come to life as you envisioned.

Relax, you’ve come to the right place because I can certainly help. Whether you’re getting married in the South of France, under the Tuscan sun or other far-flung destinations, having someone who can be the go between you and your destination will help to smoothen the journey.

Getting married abroad?

Don’t have time to follow up with your suppliers?

I can help.

I will fly out to your location to scout venues for you or liaise with the ones you’ve already booked to discuss  your requirements.

Help you to source the right suppliers

Work with your chosen venue

Go on site visits to wrap up arrangements with your venues, source the right suppliers and ensure that your interests are protected and you are getting the things you’ve committed to and paid for.

I will be your eyes and ears on the ground and help you to ensure that your vision for your dream day come together as you had planned.

From helping you to source suppliers to liaising with your venues as per your requirements, to organising the logistics of accommodation and travel for you and your out of town guests, I will help you to sort out and manage the details for your big day or special celebration including time to plan and sort out activities for your guests should you require it.

Let me help you to plan your destination wedding.


I will help you to manage your day on the day. Be a familiar face to help you from your home destination to your chosen destination.

As a rough guide, my fee for this service starts from £2000 to European destinations (flights are not included), other costings and destinations will be based on requirements and tailored to you.

We will start with having an initial in-depth consultation to understand what you need and then quote accordingly based on your requirements and what you need help with.

Get in touch, let’s start planning your beautiful getaway to your dream destination!