With my love for simplifying tasks, meticulous attention to detail and creating stress-free experiences, I will help you to plan a beautiful wedding day that is all about you.

I want to take the stress of wedding planning away from you and leave you free to relax and enjoy your day. Savor every moment and take it all in without the stress of worrying about wedding plans. I love love and I’m passionate about helping you to celebrate yours to the fullest.

My background in events and project management is a helpful string to my bow when it comes to planning and managing your wedding. I have managed projects and events for a good number of years now (more than 10 years as it happens), and understand how important it is to plan in order to have a flawless celebration.

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‘Every celebration is a personal expression, emotional and distinct in it’s own way – Amy Petrovsky

Prior to launching out as a Wedding Planner, I planned and organised multiple types of events for corporate establishments (the likes of the IDeA, ZPB Marketing, the RCGP and the LGA Group), that took me up and down the breadth of England. (I still plan other events but weddings are my first love 😉

Cynthia Adipue, London based Wedding and Events Planner at Alegrar Events

I have juggled quite a few events in my time (juggling 20 back to back regional seminars across the country at one point!) and delivered exactly what my clients wanted. So, I’m well equipped to manage the intricacies of your wedding planning and ensure you have a brilliantly planned, smooth and stress-free day.

I translated all my corporate experience into getting a diploma in bridal consulting, a long distance programme from the School of Bridal Consulting based in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m also doing an event and wedding planning course with the QC Event School.

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I live in the beautiful, quiet suburb of Surrey which is right next door to the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of London. And work with clients like you all over the UK and abroad.

Feel free to Get in touch here with your questions, I’d love to hear from you!

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