What a Wedding Planner does

How I help you bring your vision to life

Let’s set the scene…

The scent of fresh blooms fills the air. Vases and cascades of expertly arranged and freshly cut roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and orchids adorn the ornate and gilt-edged tables of the Edwardian reception room adding an aura of pure elegance against the stark contrast of the white masoned walls of the 17th-century manor. With the soft glow of candlelight setting the stage for what is set to be nothing short of a magical day.

In the adjoining great hall, cascades of roses and peonies with flickering vases of tea lights, line up the aisle. With excited and happy guests flanked on both sides, adorned in fineries that look straight out of a John Charles salon. The air is thick with (frenzied and) excited anticipation as they eagerly await the arrival of the most beautiful bride – You.

You glide down the aisle on the arm of your dad, looking every inch the radiant bride that you are. No worries, no care for the wedding details, just focused in that moment in time on the start of your forever, with your amazing man.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes…

…a lot has gone on months and weeks back to get to this point;

  • the draping arrived in the size dimensions we wanted
  • the caterer got to the venue at the right time and with the right food order
  • the venue produced all the checks and certifications we requested
  • the long tall stem vases was included as part of the order to the florist
  • the cake was delivered at the right time
  • your reception tables were set and styled with all the little personal details we painstakingly curated
  • the many bridal appointments and fittings scheduled by me ensured that your dress was the perfect fit
  • the special gold rimmed charger plates you wanted for the wedding breakfast, arrived on time
  • the seating plan has all the list of names with guests seated at the right places
  • the various suppliers knew what time to arrive, and the stations where they can set up
  • things are running according to schedule

And the list goes on and on…

What you get – the intangibles…

  • Peace of mind
  • Your time back
  • My safe pair of hands
  • My experience and expertise.

Hiring me also means that

  • You have an expert eye to look over your contracts, clarify any ambiguities and ensure you are getting exactly what’s been agreed.
  • You won’t make costly mistakes that you may regret after the wedding or halfway through your planning.
  • You get things at the right price
  • You’ll get access to my database of some of the finest suppliers to fit your style and budget.
  • You have a great sounding board and support in your corner for those days when it feels like the world doesn’t want to know.
  • I’ll be your eyes and ears on the ground. Know every detail and aspect of your wedding and provide you with the reassurance you need that your day is in safe hands.

‘Our wedding day was absolutely perfect! Cynthia and Sarah were very professional, organised and meticulous in every detail. I don’t know how we would have coped without them. Wonderful!’ – Sophia and Aaron (bride and groom)

What I do for you…

I work behind the scenes to:

  • Create a bespoke timeline for your wedding.
  • Plan your wedding (sometimes from start to finish depending on which service you book with me)
  • Research the right suppliers that fit your style and budget
  • Select suppliers
  • Schedule appointments (for fittings, makeup trials, food tastings etc.)
  • Manage your budget
  • Plan for and manage the logistics of your wedding
  • Negotiate and facilitate contract terms
  • Negotiate best rates with suppliers and pass on any savings directly to you.
  • Book hotels and travel for your out of town guests
  • Schedule dress fittings
  • Style your wedding reception 
  • Create a bespoke timeline for your day
  • Check in with you on the wedding morning to ensure that everything is ok.
  • Manage your day and oversee all the details that will bring your vision to life.
  • Be a good sounding board, an expert pair of hands and a great support
  • Plus a whole lot more.

This is a snapshot, there will be other tasks that are specific to you, which we can incorporate depending on the service you book with me.

Get in touch

I’d say it’s definitely worth hiring a planner to ensure your day goes better than expected, wouldn’t you?

Have a look at my services here to find the one that fits in with where you are with your wedding plans.

And then, get in touch, let’s start planning your big day.

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