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Hi there and a warm welcome to my blog! Cynthia Adipue, Bespoke Surrey Wedding Planner at Alegrar Events

I am a bespoke surrey wedding planner who enjoys planning, organising and getting folks together to celebrate life and love. (Have a look at my full planning services here) I live in Surrey (a really beautiful county in England with some great wedding venues), however, I also gravitate a lot towards London as I spent most of my corporate life commuting into London.

I believe that love is a strong foundation for marriage and I love meeting you, brides and grooms, who are in love and have made the decision to spend your lives together. The fact that I get to be involved in contributing (albeit a small part) on the journey to help you plan such a joyous celebration as your wedding, is a real treat to me. You can tell, I’m a terrible romantic at heart, right?

Traditional and romantic with a bit of contemporary feel defines me to an extent. I like a bit of the ‘old world meets new world’ kind of style.Think Downton Abbey meets Princess Diaries. (I’m a big movie fan and love all that soppy romantic stuff!)

Have a read about my expertise and experience here

Whether indoors or outdoors, I plan different styles of weddings and events but planning and organising elegantly stylish celebrations from start to finish are my absolute favorite.

Check out my portfolio or if you prefer to dive straight in, then have a look at my range of bespoke planning services, here.

bespoke surrey wedding planner, thoughtful planning ensures everything runs smoothly on your wedding day

Much as being a bespoke surrey wedding planner, can get stressful sometimes (what job isn’t?), many things delight me about my job.

  • I love the feeling of satisfaction I get when I get a hug from a bride saying thank you for all the work I did to make her day memorable,
  • or the way all the moving parts and long months of planning come together beautifully on the day
  • or the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped a lovely couple start off on the right foot to their own forever journey.

To me, all the hard work is worth it when I see any combination of these.

My working style is quite detailed, adaptable and flexible, so I would schedule calls in the early evenings or to your timezone, for example, if that is when you are free to speak.

I think it’s important to hire someone you’re comfortable with to plan and coordinate things for you for your wedding or event. That’s why I always like to speak with my clients first before we start planning.

I also know from experience that ease of communication and mutual understanding and trust will make the planning process a much more enjoyable experience for both of us, and those values are quite important to me.

Ready to get started? Then, Get in touch here, I look forward to hearing your story!

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Bespoke Surrey Wedding Planner

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