2016 Highlights. Wedding Bouquet

2016 Highlights

2016 was a growth year for me. A year of personal growth. Of relearning new habits and rethinking new ideals of life and business.

Running a business puts you on a path of constant self-discovery, I find. I have discovered a little bit more about myself, the kind of business I want to run and the kind of memorable experiences I want to create for you, my clients, through the celebrations I help you to plan. Memorable and meaningful weddings, that celebrate you.

2015 was the launch pad. Where I started to pursue my business dreams with some gusto and discovered that I can actually give myself the chance to go for it. I tested and tried out things, lowered my prices, put them back up and had that niggling self-doubt that clients will not patronise my business (how wrong I was!) I spent a lot of money too on things that were not always beneficial. Learnt that ‘done is better than perfect’ and gave away a lot of my time, helping others, coordinating events etc.

2016-highlights-wedding bouquet

2016, on the other hand, was a year of personal growth. Where I delved more into myself to understand what me sounds like. I realised that in order to serve you, I must first know me and that was the journey in 2016. I had to unlearn and ditch ideals that I thought I knew, mindsets that were more a hindrance than a help and old ways of doing things.

I realised that I had been consuming a lot but not really creating as much as I should. I learnt not to be taken in by the hype that social media can sometimes be and to stay true to my voice as that is what will resonate with you. To understand that I’m not ‘called’ to everyone and that you, who I’m called to, will not have an issue with hiring me. It was a year where I marvelled at both the selfishness and the unselfishness of the human heart in equal measure. I’m still on that journey, especially with my business. Still learning, still growing and discovering the things that I need to do to move my business forward and, applying the lessons I’m learning to my life and business.


So, watch out for subtle changes in 2017. To creating memorable and meaningful weddings and celebrations that you deserve. Celebrations that you’ll be proud of. Blazing my own trail in this somewhat crowded industry, having great collaboration with some incredible vendors and creating memorable weddings that celebrate you. Your life, your love, your way.

Some of my highlights from 2016

I worked with some incredible suppliers last year and produced great events and collaborations. I have recapped some of my special highlights from 2016 in this video collage. These made the cut because each was a significant or defining moment for me and showcases the versatility of events I do. From pastels to the deep tones, they certainly make for one amazing collection! Enjoy!

PS: The video is a little bit long because I had a hard time picking these out. So please stick with it to the end.

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