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A warm welcome to Alegrar Events!

The scent of fresh blooms fill the air. Vases of freshly cut and expertly arranged roses, peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias and orchids adorn the ornate and gilt-edged tables of the Edwardian room. Adding an aura of sophisticated elegance against the stark contrast of the oak-panelled walls of the 18th-century manor. With the soft glow of candlelight setting the stage for what is set to be nothing short of a magical day.

In the adjoining great hall, cascades of cream, blue and yellow roses line up the aisle with excited and happy guests flanked on both sides, adorned in fineries that look straight out of a John Ellis’ boutique. The air is thick with excited anticipation as they eagerly await the arrival of the most beautiful bride – You.

You stand, poised at the entrance of the great hall, about to take your first steps to the start of your forever. Understanding the enormity of the occasion but excited none the less because you are blessed to be embarking on this lifelong journey with the man of your dreams, your soulmate, the one who makes your heart sing.

But still you pause…not because you’re not sure but because you’re taking a minute to compose yourself, to ready yourself for the onslaught of flashlights and clicks that will ensue as you step out, and besides, you want to look your best for this party!

Finally, you are ready…, gliding down the aisle on the arm of your dad, looking every inch the princess that you are, towards her prince charming, no worries, no care for the wedding details, just focused in that moment in time on the start of your forever, with this amazing man.

With my expertly experienced hands guiding you specially through every stage of your wedding planning, I will help you to plan and have the elegant and memorable wedding or celebration you’ve always dreamed of, the kind that takes you to a happy place when you look back on it years from now.

I take care of the finer details of bringing your wedding vision to life so your only job is to look radiant and your absolute best on the day, like the princess you truly are.

Whether it is helping you to plan your whole wedding from start to finish, either from home or abroad or doing some much-needed research into sourcing the right fit suppliers that match your vision and style or managing your wedding on the day so you can kick back and have an absolutely brilliant wedding day. There is a service specially to meet you at the point where you need it most. Whether in London or further afield, my services are there to cater to your every whim.

Want to discover more? Then let’s talk…, purely complimentary of course.

Every celebration is a personal expression, emotional and distinct in it’s own way – Amy Petrovsky

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